Dec 5, 2006

USA going broke 2

You see, last week the US dollar took a further nosedive in its valuation relative to other free floating currencies on Planet Earth...READ MORE


Anonymous said...

The state of national economies are not solely based on the value of the dollar. Yes the dollar has been in decline, but how is that exactly the endfall of the US economy? It is not how much value the US dollar has to other currencies but what you can buy with the dollar.

Yes, there has been a surge of prices in the metal markets. But one must be reminded the on the extreme historic lows on metals. Over the years there has been an intense demand for metals beyond just gold and silver.

Many nations are deversifying and rising in parity. I see the British sterling pound and especially the euro highly overvalued. Especially since the economies of Europe are not performing as well as the US economy.

Anonymous said...

I believe they call it "Mortgaging the future". In other words, put th country in financial ruin, but you won't really feel the effects of it for about 15 - 20 years. Sure there will be some currency fluctuations here and there, but that unfortunately is the calm before the storm, just look at post world war II US.