Jan 1, 2007


Dec 2006 was a busy month for the Freetarian. Not much time to focus on the blog. However, as we have entered 2007, stay tuned as the freetarian blog picks it up a notch and THE FREETARIAN SHOW will debut in the near future. The show will at first be a podcast available for download. Our goal is to go live in the second half of 2007. If you love liberty, you will love this show. In the meantime, if you want a great liberty based show, tune into FREE TALK LIVE! www.freetalklive.com


Anonymous said...

I love your website.... and would love to help plug your website, and show!! I work for WIXV-FM here in Savannah,GA. (Cumulus Broadcasting)
ctaff@cumulus.com is my email if you would like to set up an interview! We would love to get you on the air!!

You can check out our website....rockofsavannah.net

It was great to see you at the Raw house show in Savannah last month!! One of our listeners caught your towel and called us the next day (Monday) to tell us about it!!

Anonymous said...

First off... why isnt FTL on that station. They need more FM talkers.

The show sounds like a great idea. With you, Stanhope, and Penn all bringing liberty to new people, I see a pro-liberty surge on the horizon. How do you feel about New Hampshire???

Anonymous said...

One more thing, when you start trying to build steam for the podcast, hit up wiggly@smartwrestlingfan.com. From listening to his non-wrestling podcasts hes very pro freedom and has a good many listeners.