Feb 27, 2007

WANT $1 000 000.00 USD? Just show Ed the law!!!

Ed Brown is offering a $1,000,000 compensation (commercial property) to the first person to show him the law requiring him to pay federal income tax...READ MORE


freetarian said...

This was a letter to the editor from a guy who truly believes that you can work in a free country only if you agree to one condition. That being for every 6 months of fruit you receive from your labor, you donate six months of slave labor. If you refuse to donate 6 months slave labor, you will lose everything and go to jail. If you resist jail, you will pass on from a hail of government bullets. The IRS and any form of direct taxation is incompatible with freedom.


Browns thumb their noses at you
Richard W. Mann, Northfield

By Jonathan Kovar
For the Monitor
February 25. 2007 10:00AM

guess I am confused. Is it really okay to us law-abiding citizens that two tax-evading losers who have been tried and found guilty by a jury of their peers are sitting at home taunting the system that you and I hold sacred?

This is not a puppet nation. Does Ed Brown really think he is going to be allowed to sit home forever acting like the rule of law will never find him?

Does anyone else think this is pure nonsense? Where is our firm and efficient process of justice? Where do these two losers get off thinking they can avoid paying their fair share of the tax burden and thumb their noses at all of us?

Take a look at your pay stub next week and think how nice it would be to keep all the taxes and withholding in your net. Well, you can't. But the Browns think they are exempt while the rest of us carry their burden.

Does that put this case into perspective for you? You and I are paying their share.

I hate paying taxes as much as anyone, but it is the law of the land and a burden we all must bear.

Now there are two bench warrants ordering the arrest of these tax-evading miscreants, and we have Stephen Monier, the U.S. marshal for New Hampshire, in an impossible position created by the Browns.

We need to make sure we keep the focus on supporting the marshal 100 percent. If this thing goes bad, he needs to know from us that the Browns are to blame and not him.

Ed and Elaine Brown created this mess. When it is over and done with, they should be the focus of their own happenstance.


Citizen X said...

Mr. Mann should do some research into how his tax money is spent (go to http://www.federalbudget.com).
"I hate paying taxes as much as anyone, but it is the law of the land and a burden we all must bear." Apartheid was the "law of the land" in South Africa, segregation was in the South in America, and killing Jews was in Nazi Germany. Hence, "the law of the land" is an hollow statement especially when one examines how the federal government wastes the money it forces us to pay in taxes. Taxation, especially excessive taxation, is slavery. Oh yeah, once upon a time that was the law of the land, too.