Mar 15, 2007

Father Owns Gun. Father Saves Family! Good 4 Gun!!!

A father grabbed a gun and opened fire when he heard someone break into his home in northwest Harris County last night. The man’s wife and children ducked for cover in the middle of the shootout...READ MORE

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AnCap said...

I think one of the more important aspects that has been missed is that the police are not even obligated to protect the individual. Yet the state persists in limiting, restricting and prohibiting the methods of which a person can defend themselves. This would apply to concealed weapons and the like. The state has passed statutes that prohibit a person from carrying or carrying concealed unless it's with the state's permission. Some states even outright forbid a person from doing so. The hypocrisy in all of this is the police are allowed to carry on-duty and off-duty, concealed or otherwise. I can cite numerous instances where the police have been involved in a crime and yet they are held as persons of outstanding character. A gun is a viable, effective means of self-defense and the state has no business denying any person their inherent right to defend themselves or their property.