Mar 18, 2007

Universal Health Insurance Will Destroy American Health Care!!!

Story coming soon! Health Care will be one of the topics this Wed March 21/2007 on The Freetarian Show. Please join us this coming Wed at 6pm est/3pm pst.

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troylaplante said...

I am with you on the universal health care issue.

I caught your blogtalkradio show via replay. I recently started on the same service, too.

I am very libertarian minded, but am not a member of the Libertarian Party. Though I agree with the majority of their platform, there are some key differences I have.

I left the GOP a few years ago, since I couldn't deal with their inept ways and irresponsibility. I joined the Constitution Party for a while, but found them to have zero leadership in this state.

Anyway, liberty, brother, liberty. I have been blogging about liberty and have been cheesing off the local population and governments by preaching liberty in my blog and in my weekly newspaper column for some time. Some don't like people like me who call for personal responsibility and freedom. My personal freedom, property rights proclaiming, and gun toting ways may be criticized, but truth is truth. They will be getting another dose of it when I run for town council here again in November.

I remember hearing about you from someone who is also in the "sports entertainment" business a while before I ever heard, "Helllloooooo ladies!" for the first time. Your reputation for being politically passionate was well known to those with whom you associated.

I hope to be able to participate in one of your shows or vice versa some day. Keep liberty alive.