Apr 12, 2007

Rev Sharpton's Race Card Growing Old In America!!!

Sharpton's life destroying race card is finally pushing Americans to say "ENOUGH WITH THE BULL CRAP!!!"

Shock radio DJ Don Imus was fired from MSNBC this morning for his violation of our "constitutionally protected right not to be offended". Imus has sincerely apologized for his characterization of the Rutgers women's basketball team. His comments may have been racially charged, and feelings may have been hurt, but not one life was ruined. The women can still play basketball, Black men and women can still put food on the table, go to work, go to movies, drive cars, play sports on the weekends, go to school, etc... However, lets take a good look at the white Duke lacrosse players who had their characters destroyed by the likes of mainstream media and Rev Al Sharpton. These innocent white victims will forever be know as rapist. Has Sharpton come out to apologize and set the record straight? HELL NO!!! In his mind these Duke Players are white they deserve to have their lives ruined. And so it goes, Imus is white and deserves to have his life ruined. Sharpton is proving to all of America that he is the real racist. He does not make jokes about white people. He destroys white peoples lives who have violated our "constitutionally protected right not to be offended". Sharpton is the real racist in America. Thank god Americans, black, white, Hispanic, etc, are finally coming to the realization that Rev Al Sharpton deserves the title of Americas real racist!!!

PS: For those of you who are wondering where in the constitution it says we have a right not to be offended, HA HA HA!!! You will only find that right in Sharptons head and it only pertains to those who are black!!!

By Sean Morley
The Freetarian


Paul Wilson said...

Really??? Last incident aside, the only time Don Imus' radio show was "shocking" was coming back from breaks when a team of doctors and a crash cart woke him up.

Anonymous said...

The race card is growing old.. and tiresome. I whole heartedly agree!

As I often ask my fellow Canadians.. are you a hyphenated Canadian.. or just.. CANADIAN??

It would seem we are all under the pressure to conform to this so called 'political correctness' - and yet if you watch 1/2 hour of BET you will hear and see worse.

A lot of racket about a lot of nothing I say!!

Good to see you Mr. Morley!

Dr. Karen DeNoble
Ontario, Canada.

Phantom Lord said...

Sean all I have to say about Al Sharpton is Tawana Brawley. It's been 20 years and he still hasn't appologized for that.

The I-Man was rail roaded because corporate America is run by scared white men who are afraid of Sharpton and Jackson saying they are racist.

Anonymous said...

I heard about our constitutional right not to be offended on Penn and Teller's show BS. and they are right, just because something offends you doesn't mean it's bad. everyone is different, and you can't have to worry about pleasing everyones sense of moral justice because it's different from person to person.
if howard stern said nappy headed ho's no one would blink. I don't know why Imus is the one being dragged through the mud. besides, how many times has al sharpton appeared on Imus's show to promote whatever agenda he is pushing? Sharpton is a media whore who loves to get his name out there. that's all this is is publicity for him. he probably could care less about those basketball players

Machowolf said...

I will agree that Al Sharpton should shut up and take a few humble pills over some of the things he has said to people and about people.

However, what needs to be remeembered is that not only were blacks and Al Sharpton calling for thoose lacrose players' heads....so were a lot of whites, hispanics and asians who've been victimised across america and the rest of the world. Why? because we all hear the word rape and take it highly serious...and rightfully we should. Nobody deserves to be violated in that kind of way.

Since 1 in 4 americans will be violated in some way shape or form sexually in their lives....it does tend to be a big issue. Btw, for the record...I am part of that number count.....I am someone that has been a victim.

However, even with that...I am the grandson of a Judge (RIP-HJB). I believe that when our justice system is executed right...there is none better in the world. I believe innocent until PROVEN guilty in a court of law should always stand in the hearts and minds of americans as truth.

My personal views are very anti racism....I can't stand that kind of talk. I don't agree however that minorities should be allowed too talk racist hate all they want in the name of comedy....but if a white guy even asks a question about it.....he's a racist by assumption...which is an unfair double standard.

I get that we did a lot of f*ck*d up sh*t to people in our pasts. From Slavery to the Salem Witch trials to the KKK garbage that is out there in our country....this country has done some stupid things. I get that we shouldn't be thinking of ourselves as "white america", "black america", "hispanic america", "asian america" or "islamic america" or "indian america" anymore. It's time to get over ourselves as a whole and just be Americans, period.

I hope that everyone, including the Reverend Al Sharpton do realize this soon, otherwise I fear that our wonderful country may end up falling apart because we didn't realize what we could be before it is too late.

For the lacrose players...hopefully they will have lives that are filled with their share of happiness and joy. Hopefully good people will realize that they are innocent and that they should be treated this way. Will they have a few jackasses to worry about, sure. I will grant that. Let's hope for them it's very few though.

Should Sharpton appologize, yes. What he said was completly out of bounds during this time. Sharpton is a good man....for the most part. I believe him to want what is best for america...but I think his mouth tends to get the best of him way too often. Always assuming guilt based on it being a "white guy" that has done something to a "black guy" or "black girl"...even if their is no evidence to support their claims that something happened...Sharpton tends to assume guilt to often and assume it is racist.

Now, on to Don Imus. Yes, he should have been fired, period. Imus will resurface in a year or so to do a show on satalite radio that will get high ratings at first, but then his stuff will cool down once people realize he's not going to spew out racially charged statements every 5 seconds.

Regardless though....6 monts from now, we will have forgotten about Don Imus, Duke Lacrosse players and focused on the next one who has royally f*ck*d himself or herself out of their own careers.