May 21, 2007


This is unbelievable!!! Check out this online poll. If you vote for Ron Paul, the site labels you a SPAMMER! Ron Paul is getting shafted here. Please copy and send this link to all you know with this message...CLICK HERE

Sean Morley


Captain said...


I don't think Ron Paul necessarily supports the Fair Tax. But before anyone flies off the handle at him like Rudy did, take the time to understand his position:

Many conservatives have touted the Fair Tax proposal as an issue in the upcoming election. A pure consumption tax like the Fair Tax would be better than the current system only if we truly did away with the income tax by repealing the 16th amendment. Otherwise, we could end up with both the income tax and a national sales tax. A consumption tax also provides more transparency and less complexity. But the real issue is total spending by government, not tax reform. In other words, why change the tax structure if spending stays the same? Once we accept that the federal government needs $2.7 trillion from us-- and more each year-- the only question left is from whom it will be collected. Until the federal government is held to its proper constitutionally limited functions, tax reform will remain a mirage.

And if you give his notion more than simply a passing thought, I think you'll come to see that he's correct. Instead of hacking at the branches (Fair Tax), Dr. Paul instead chooses to strike at the root (government spending). So instead of arguing over HOW the government gets our money, lets shift the debate to HOW MUCH they get.

troylaplante said...

It looks like Ron Paul has been totally removed from the poll in question.

Anonymous said...

Well, they fixed that problem. Now he's not even a votable option.