Jun 27, 2007

How I feel about Benoit???

Many people have been writing me with questions regarding the Benoit family tragedy. I am currently taking in what the police reports and (mainstream)news media outlets are saying about this tragic event. I will make my comments regarding Chris and the media in the next couple of days.


Amy Collins said...

I know how you feel. Everything that's going on with this right now is absolutely insane.I think everyone should follow RVD's advice on this one.
This whole thing is just a tradgedy and completely unexpected. It has knocked me for a loop to say the least and I can only imagine how you feel.
It was such an honor to meet you a few years ago! You were so incredible nice! I wish you would do more appearences and that I'd get to see you on TV more! I've been a big fans of yours since I started watching wrestling over 10 years ago!
Hope you are doing ok.

Anonymous said...

Benoit was obviously so deep into drugs and his own seifish acts that he was to stupid to realize how good he had it. How the road to freedom was virtually paved the whole way. The tragedy here is that his wife and child are dead and never really had a say in the matter. This stuff happens all the time (look at the past wrestlers). Too much ... Too Fast equals failure. Do I think it is a tragedy Benoit is dead? Hard to say! Maybe the WWE should clean up their act and do mandatory drug testing in the organization --- just like every other sport. Would this help change things???????

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is sad because it probably could have been avoided. I feel for his wife and child who didn't stand a chance in the situation. Only God knows what really happened. My thoughts are with the families.

Anonymous said...

What is a Freetarian? Do they get things for free from the government?