Aug 20, 2007

Neal Boortz on the wrong side of history.

Ok. So Neal Boortz says he is a libertarian. I do agree with Mr Boortz on many issues. However his stance on the war on terror is not one of them. Here is what Mr Boortz wrote on his website...


I've been getting more and more emails castigating me for not singing the Ron Paul song over and over, day after day, on my show. Sorry, folks. I know that Ron Paul is a Libertarian ... but for me the absolute overriding issue in this election, and possibly many elections to come, is the protection of our country from the forces of Islamic radicalism. I want to take the fight to the Islamic terrorists, not wait to fight them when they reach our borders. Ron Paul will not do that ... therefore I cannot support Ron Paul. Just that simple.

The reality of the situation in America today is the war on terror should not be a war at all. This insane war is not ever going to be won. For me the most absolute overriding issue in this election, is the fact we have lost our freedom in this great nation and we have put our children and our future generations into massive debt. My 22 month old daughter is about 35 000 USD in debt because of our politicians. America is well on its way to collapse and America will cease to exist. History proves empires always collapse. America is no different.


Anonymous said...

Val-Great to see another wrestler on board the Ron Paul ride to the White House. There's just one error in this post that makes it very confusing. You need to put the second paragraph in quotes. Without them it makes it hard to tell where your words begin and end and which are Boortz'.

Chris from Ohio said...

It's ironic how the very people that say the extremists hate us for our freedoms, are so willing to give up freedoms for the illusion of safety. That makes them the pacifists to me.

The fact that Boortz and many others like him can push aside every issue to make way for "the war on terror" makes them the fanatical ones.

Anonymous said...

I was just going to say the same thing the other "anoymous" said.
(Put the other guy's quotes in italics, another color...something)
It's just to save you grief man. I totally agree with your POV but you have to make it easy for the reading impaired.