Sep 2, 2007

Papers Please: Arrested At Circuit City

Today was an eventful day. I drove to Cleveland, reunited with my father’s side of the family and got arrested. More on that arrested part to come...READ MORE...This is a great story on exercising your rights.


Anonymous said...

I'm so thrilled to see you are a Ron Paul fan---I'm a musician, must admit, not normally interested in your profession, but I'm a fan now--just to know I have a Liberty loving brother in the ring! Thanks for using your media access to promote freedom. I do the same, I'm not famous, but I always say what I can to promote Liberty and Ron Paul when I perform. Best wishes to you. I really want to share my music with goes: --hard to explain neo-baroque old time country let's say a mix of William Blake and Hank Williams. I hope you will give me a listen. If you like it, perhaps we can collaborate at some point in the future in an event for Ron Paul. (I performed at "Ronstock" in Iowa.)

Anonymous said...


hardboilednwokilla said...

Just found out about your webpage, you are doing a good thing, fighting the powerful elite that be, with your own little resistence right here on the web, if only more people would do what you ahve done, no matter how rich or poor, in this society we should all unite as one and be equal in the fight against tyranny. Nice webpage, I will keep an eye on it, also pluged this webpage.

Good luck on getting ron paul on, cant wait :)