Sep 13, 2007

Paul Poses Serious Threat to Hillary Clinton in a General Election Match up

Analysis: The antiwar Republican congressman from Texas poses a serious threat to Hillary Clinton and potential Democratic rivals in the general election...READ MORE

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Karsten said...

The election already is Ron Paul vs. Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is Bush-in-a-dress, and if Ron Paul wins the nomination, this will seriously be highlighted. Ron Paul has an extremely solid record opposing this agressive illegal unconstiutional war, and defending our civil liberties. Hillary is a hawk. All the other Republican candidates besides Ron Paul are such a joke that if one of them wins the gop nomination, Hillary is in. Another thing to remember is that in most states, if you are in the Libertarian Party, and you want to vote for Ron Paul in the primary, you must re-register as a Republican NOW, before it's too late (the New York deadline is October 12!). This is not stressed enough. You could always switch back to Libertarian or independent or whatever you want, after the primary.