Jan 30, 2008

Ron Paul Slams Republican Warmongers!!!


Jason Gatties said...

Great video! Ron Paul continues to make me proud to be a Libertarian.

I'm running for State Rep in Michigan this year and I'm hoping other Ron Paul supporters will run as Libertarian candidates as well. No matter what happens with Dr.Paul, the message must continue, especially at the local level.

Also a huge wrestling fan Shawn. Keep up the good work. I look forward to when there is a new episode of the Freetarian Show.

i.m. small said...


It is eternal winter there
Within the proud warmonger´s soul,
As death and killing take their toll,
Humanity beyond repair.

O, how he spouts some high ideals
Of what is right and what is wrong,
And echoing conviction strong
His wife confirms how she too feels.

Yes, let us call them, as we may
Mr. & Mrs. Republican--
Their son, of age to be a man
Has got deferment, by the way.

The commerce of the corporations
Must not be stymied in its course,
Thus he affirms; and in his purse
Collects in coin considerations.

One has to fill the gas tank up;
His car is like a mini-tank
And glides so smooth, you know his rank
Was not achieved by beggar´s cup.