Mar 6, 2008

Let's limit the amount government can tax, spend

Culver, in particular, should be congratulated for the "grand illusion" he calls the recent budget he proposed for next year. The details of his first two budgets are mind-numbing and confusing. This is no doubt on purpose to make it difficult for us unsuspecting citizens, even for a former chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, to track the money...READ MORE

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Josh said...

While I'm not a real big fan of the guy who wrote that article (Mr. Dix lives about 2 blocks from me; he sponsored a law to make it illegal for people to read while driving, because everyone knows it's an epidemic), he makes some great points about Culver. Culver's been awful. So far his great solutions for Iowa include raising the deposit fee on bottles and cans to 10 cents, of which you'd be able to redeem 8 cents, and banning smoking in restaurants and bars, regardless of the impact that will have on those businesses.

I love living in Iowa, but it's a nanny state here.