Mar 6, 2008

Wayne A Root

Daniel Imperato
Michael Jingozian
Bob Jackson

The race for the Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate is largely ignored by mainstream media(MSM). America is a two party system. However, not like MSM would have you believe. Both the Republicans and the Democrats are one and the same. How are the R's and the D's one and the same you ask? Simple. They both will continue to grow government rapidly. They both will keep our country on the path to bankruptcy. The Libertarian party being your second choice, would shrink government drastically and return our liberties back to the American people. Above are the top 4 Libertarians in the race at this point in time. Check out the Libertarian party website for more info on the candidates MSM does not want you to know about. LIBERTARIAN PARTY

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Josh said...

Not only will they lead us down the road to bankruptcy, they'll continue to keep us in Iraq, if the revelations about Obama not being serious about pulling us out are accurate.