May 25, 2008

A Report From Glenn Jacobs on The Ground in Denver!

I think the worries about a Barr take over of the party have been overblown. To get into the C-SPAN debate, delegates were issued tickets which they then signed and gave to their chosen candidate. At one point today, I was told that Barr had over 200 tickets (out of approximately 550). Turns out that he, Dr. Ruwart, and Root all had 96. In addition, based on my sign count (signs for each candidate waved during the debate), Mary had overwhelming support. Much more than anyone else. Whether this was from delegates or not, I don't know. The platform debate was boring. I'm not much on parliamentary procedure and gave up on it. While I'm certain there will be much made of it, the new proposed platform still strongly libertarian (someone told me that McCain could run under the new platform. No, he couldn't. Not unless he was going
to bring the troops home, deregulate nearly everything, end the Drug War, and re legalize gold and silver, etc.). The real debate is whether the platform should be an outreach tool or a statement of principle for candidates. I think this is much ado about nothing. Just like the Constitution, while ideas have power, documents are just words on paper. You still rely on people to put the ideas into action. It is going to come down to Ruwart, Barr, and Root. I could live with any ticket that has Ruwart on it in either capacity (if she would accept). From Denver, this is your roving reporter signing off. Glenn Jacobs ---------------------------------------------------------------- A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves. – Edward R. Murrow Adventures of Citizen X Liberty Radio Underground

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