May 22, 2008

Ron Paul Revolution invades Phoenix!!!

The Ron Paul Revolution steam-rolled into Phoenix and I had the pleasure of meeting with the good Doctor. One thing that really amazed me was the excitement in the air as over 700 people packed the Ball Room floor at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort to hear Dr. Paul speak. It was truly amazing to see that many people who really care about freedom and liberty all in one place. Many in MSM ask why Dr. Paul is even still in the race. If any of these simple minded MSM morons would take the time to drop in on a Ron Paul Rally, they would witness the seeds of liberty breaking ground in the hearts and minds of many Americans. This Rally was my first and will not be my last. I can honestly tell you something big is happening. Ron Paul may never become president. What he has started however, is legendary on par with the founding fathers. The establishment may not have to worry so much about Ron Paul directly, but the tsunami of dedicated freedom loving Americans opening their eyes and gathering behind the Revolution will in the very near future have big Government politicians shaking in their boots and experiencing uncontrollable flash bowel movements. Oh... And yes, I had a great time at the rally.

Sean Morley


Dr. Joanne Cacciatore said...

Nice to meet you Sean!

Karen said...

I can not wait for this electoral campaign to heat up - and to read more of your fabulous posts as we watch the race to become President.