Aug 19, 2008

Anti-immigrant hatred breeds discrimination, mistreatment, harassment and death

A few weeks ago, I read the sad story of the beating death of Mexican migrant Luis Ramirez (age 25) in a small town in Pennsylvania. The details as reported in the press are sad and disgusting regarding what allegedly transpired between three white teens charged in the case and Ramirez. The story has stayed in my mind...READ MORE

NOTE: Christine Smith is becoming a favorite of mine. I would loved to have seen a Presidential ticket of Mary Ruwart as President and Christina Smith as VP. Please check out here blog as she continues to write and fight for real freedom and liberty.

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Blogger said...

I have just discovered this blog and am a life long republican who will be voting libertarian this year. i wanted to say i have enjoyed your post and how uplifting the song on the home page is. It cheers me up everytime i hear it. keep spreading freedom