Sep 11, 2008

11 Arrested in Florida for... Dressing Differently?

The fascist state continues, now some in FL can't wear their jeans how they please. (Time for "clothing enforcement" cameras? You listening, Redflex?)...READ MORE
Note: This is really happening in America folks. Supporters of the main two parties need to self educate and re-evaluate their ideas of what real freedom is.

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Melinda said...

Hey Sean,

A city in Michigan has started to enforce this law also. They categorize it under the Indecent Exposure Law and are encouraging police officers to arrest those caught "sagging". If convicted they face a sentence of 93 days to a year in prison and/or fines up to $500. Let's not forget also that police officials can use this law as probable cause to search "saggers" for other crimes such as weapon or drug possession. Be afraid John Cena, be very afraid....