Sep 11, 2008

Bob Barr angers fans of Ron Paul.

What was Bob Barr thinking yesterday by bailing at the last minute for Ron Paul's announcement?

I do not yet know what to make of Mr Barr as the libertarian candidate. Mary Ruwart was who I was hoping would become the libertarian choice for president. She is a true liberty loving libertarian. Mary was winning the first several rounds of voting in Denver and looked like a shoe in. Then a last minute sweetheart deal between Barr and Wayne Root effectively put second place Barr over the top and defeating Mary Ruwart. I would loved to have Mary Ruwart as the Presidential candidate and either Steve Kubby or Christina Smith as VP. However, Barr and Root are the LP ticket and I am concerned. The question for me is- can Barr and Root be trusted and are they true libertarians who want to restore freedom and liberty to all Americans? Stay tuned as I will answer that question to the best of my ability right here tomorrow Friday Sept 12/08.

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