Sep 4, 2008

I Was Wrong About The War On Drugs -- It's A Failure

McMahon didn't wait for Congress to pass a law or parade his wrestlers in front of congressional committee hearings; he took the lead and assumed responsibility over the health and welfare of the individuals who work for the WWE. While I applaud the WWE for taking on this responsibility with a libertarian solution, don't bother...READ MORE


melinda said...

Hey Sean,

I was just ramblin' through to buy a t-shirt when I saw this posting. I have to say I was a little suprised you went there, but since you did I'm going to follow. Before we begin, I'll give you a bit of background about myself. I've been a wrestling fan since birth and I mean that literally. My great-grandmother and grandmother got caught by my mother taking me to the "matches" at Cobo while babysitting me as an infant. Needless to say she wasn't happy. Since then I've grown to be a college educated, upper-middle class, soccer mom and yes, still wrestling fan. I also have to thank wrestling for bringing me to Libertarianism since it was first brought to my attention by Glenn Jacobs and yourself. Before then I had no idea what a Libertarian was. Actually, I'm still trying to figure that out and if it's even for me.

Now on to the posting. I've seen some of Bob Barr's interviews and he seems knowledgeable, intelligent and sincere. But to claim that Vince McMahon changed his stance on the "War on Drugs" stretches it a bit thin. Before we nominate Mr. McMahon for sainthood lets look at a few facts, shall we? The first being he obviously didn't enlist the Wellness Program out of the goodness of his pea-pickin' little heart. He knew after the Benoit tragedy he had to make changes and make them quickly to save his company and his fortune. How many years before that was Mr. McMahon aware of drug abuse among some of his employees before this program was implemented? Why did he choose to do so only after this occured? And please, don't tell me he was unaware of the need for such a program. A person doesn't get to a position such as his by being obtuse. Mr. McMahon only took the "lead and assumed responsibility over the health and welfare" of his employees when it threatened his livelihood.

I understand where this could be conceived as a Libertarian solution since it gives the employees a choice; don't do drugs and work for the WWE or choose to do drugs and work somewhere else. It also gives the individual the chance to accept responsibility and accountability for that choice. Bravo to Mr. McMahon for this. Or is it to Glenn Jacobs for presenting this to him? Either way the questions still remain: Why did it take so long and why at the expense of so many?

My best to you, Sean and thanks again for the opportunity to express my views.


Sean Morley said...

Hi Melinda

Thanks for your comment as I am very pleased you are taking the initiative to self educate yourself about freedom and liberty.

As for your comment on the story, I think you might have misunderstood the story in the way it was presented. It was not Vince McMahon who stated "I Was Wrong About The War On Drugs". Bob Barr was the one whom made that statement. You see Mr Bob Barr was a staunch neo-con republican during his first few years in congress. As he began to see the devastating effects from his support on the drug war, he began to understand liberty more. It was Bob Barr now as the libertarian candidate for president who made the statement about being wrong on the drug war issue. He mentioned Vince McMahon to illustrate how the free market can handle the drug problem much better than government can. I Hope this clears up the misunderstanding.

Thanks again for reading my blog and hope you will continue.

Best Regards
Sean Morley

Melinda said...

Hi Sean,

Thanks for the reply to my comment and allowing me the oportunity to rectify some of the errors in my statement. When I wrote of Vince McMahon changing his stance on the War on Drugs I meant that as Mr. McMahon changing his views, not Mr. Barr being swayed by Mr. McMahon. Sorry about that. I did, however, misread or misinterpereted the presenting of the Wellness Program to Mr. Barr to be that of one presented to Mr. McMahon. I was a bit perplexed by the fact that a Libertarian solution would be presented to Mr. McMahon in the form of the Wellness Program and bada-bing, it's implemented. Common sense told me that he's probably been approched by several individuals over the last few decades for such a program and most likely wouldn't adopt it only after it was proposed as a sensible, Libertarian solution by Glenn Jacobs. Unless "persuasion" was involved, which I doubt, but that visual just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Thanks again for the opportunity to present my views and correct my errors.