Sep 14, 2008

Jesse Ventura doing what the government wants him to do!

Jesse Ventura was in Phoenix last Thursday to speak at the Mesa convention center. The video below is of Jesse speaking and questioning main stream media earlier in the day on Thursday. I feel Jesse is completely wrong to focus so much on what might have really happened on 9/11. Government wants Jesse and others like him to focus on any and all 9/11 theories. While main stream media eats up what Jesse is saying, government continues to do what they do best. GROW GROW GROW!!! Everytime government grows, our freedoms and liberties are eroded. A piece of advice for Jesse from the Big Valbowski, who happens to be a liberty loving libertarian. STOP @#$%ing FOCUSING ON 9/11 THEORIES!!!

The real question should be "why has government grown so much after 9/11 and how do we get back to a VERY limited government?"

We are no longer a free people party because of apathetic society, and partly because some people focus on issues that convolute the real issue. Focusing on 9/11 is what government wants people to do so they can continue their assault on our freedoms and liberties. Further more, even if the 9/11 conspiracy was true, so what? Are we going to punish those who were involved? NO! But we will all continue to be suject to the patriot act, intense search's at airports, real ID, IRS, DEA, FBI, DHS and many many more oppressive government agencies and policies. Our children and grand children will face a much lower standard of living as government continues on its path to fascism. The American Dream is dying because of the explosive growth of government and Jesse is still focusing on what happened on 9/11. I will stop here because I could go on and on. However, I will talk more about the growth of government and this story on The Freetarian Show. Stay Tuned!


Anonymous said...

I steal think your hot Jess Ventura I,m still your fan Hope. pss love and kisses from number one fan

Anonymous said...

Well... I watched the whole thing, twice b/c the sound quality isn't that great, and I didn't want to miss anything... and I've got to say, while I completely sympathize with your point, that there are blatant UnConstituional abuses going on which, We, The People, should focus on and hold our government accountable for, I think Mr Ventura is doing good by asking his questions. As his UDT instructor said, there's no such thing as a dumb question, b/c the consequences and repercussions will affect more than just you, I think that's fair to say about what's going on in our beloved Republic as well. He's educating people by posing fundamental, logical questions, to those who are still asleep, planting a seed if you will. A very Socratic method, teaching by asking questions, but extremely effective b/c it forces the pupil to understand and teach the professor, and as the pupil's knowledge expands then he is qualified to look deeper and fuller and ask questions.
But, I do have the utmost respect for Mr Ventura, for many of his endeavors, but specifically b/c he could just as easily not.. and return to his bungalow in Baja..
just my thoughts..
Love this website, always informative, thank you Mr Morley!