Oct 17, 2008

OK! I am Pissed Off!!!

Obama and the media are going after a hard working man because he asked a question. Joe the plumber as it turns out does not have a license. If he has great referrals and does great work, it would not matter if he had a license. When government requires people to get a license, it means you are not allowed to work unless you have government permission. Any requirement for permission to work is totally incompatible with freedom. His referrals will mean much more to customers than a license would.

Now on to taxes. The Obama media went digging for Joe's tax(Theft) returns. Turns out he has not paid up his full amount of extortion money to big daddy government. One publication even wrote the following - "Tax experts pointed out that Joe the Plumbers' taxes would only rise by $600 under Mr Obama's plan if he reached the higher threshold. Mr Wurzelbacher has however admitted that he is "not even close" to buying the business."

Only $600.00 per year! [Now yelling]ONLY $600.00 PER YEAR!! Now we already know the $600.00 figure will really be at least 3 or 4 times that. However, lets just stick with the stated $600.00 figure for now. How stupid can these people in mainstream media really be. Let the Freetarian Sean Morley(Val Venis) explain the painful truth here to these morons in MSM. If Joe the plumber were able to keep those $600.00 per year Obama wants to steal from him, and invest the full $600.00 into a private investment which would after inflation average 9% per year. Joe the plumber would have after 30 years $97 106.00. Now imagine how much he would have if he were allowed to keep every penny he earned. Look, I could go on and on here but I will Digress. The bottom line is we are supposed to live in a free country and if you must fear challenging politicians for their thuggish views, then we no longer live in a free country. Time to wake up folks. TIME TO WAKE UP!!!

The Freetarian
Sean Morley


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melinda said...

Our government has chosen to make an example of Mr. Wurzelbacher. Ask an elected official a valid and legitimate question and watch your character be publicly flogged. Joe was quoted as saying "You know, when you can't ask a question of your leaders anymore, that gets scary." It sure does, Joe...

p.s I had read that Joe was going through an apprenticeship program which would make the debate regarding his license a moot point, right?

Josh said...

The thing is the left could give a flying you-know-what about Joe's earning potential should he be able to invest that money instead of handing it over to them. God forbid should anyone achieve success without government's oppressive tactics....errrrr....benevolent assistance.

Check out John Stossel's Politically Incorrect Guide to Politics, Part 4, on the oppressive nature of campaign finance reform. Next thing you know, you'll have to apply for a special designation just to ask these people a question like Joe did.

Joe said...

I hope that things like this are not a preview of what's to come. Where if you disagree with anything that the government says, they belittle you and open a widescale investigation.

Sean... I want to see you on RAW again.