Oct 3, 2008

You're Going To Guarantee A Depression!!! Ron Paul

Ron Paul is exactly right. What is amazing to me; is these other politicians who most people look to for wisdom, do not understand basic economics. I wonder if they even listen to what Mr Paul is saying or if they do listen; then do they understand?


Josh said...

These politicians never listen to anyone that dares imply they don't know what the hell they're doing. "Of course we know!! Now sit down and keep your mouth shut while we borrow away your child's future."

Anonymous said...

Borrow? Ha! Borrowing implies some sort of restitution... repayment... a request with permission pending, and as we've all seen yesterday, these Senators and Congressmen are not indifferent to the People's will... make no mistake, these life time politicians are so beholden to their corporate sponsors that they don't even think of returning anything to the people. They act without fear because what are We going to do, vote for the greater of two evils?
This two party... scratch that.. One party system, and the life time membership of Congress and the Senate, are at the core of what's wrong with our beloved Republic.... we need to act .. and act with cohesion with purpose.. and reclaim our Republic.
But first, as with any endeavor, we must be INFORMED... not mass the media propaganda, but true knowledge.. search and you will find it..
then and only then can we act..