Jan 10, 2009

Will Kopbusters Get Cops Fired? A MUST READ!!!

Former police officer Barry Cooper sheds light on police corruption. Cooper also shows how today's American constitution means nothing to police or judges.

KopBusters - I recently posted this on the Odessa American Newspaper blog. In this post, I prove kop korruption...you won't believe it. Here it is:...READ MORE


Anonymous said...

no they won't, and anyone who believes Barry can go smoke a joint with him and live in whatever reality they choose. Wake up Morley.

Sean Morley said...

Mr or Ms Anonymous. I believe you are totally ignoring what Barry is doing and you are having a knee jerk reaction to the story it self. These police officers in Texas along with this judge violated the constitutional requirements to get a search warrant. This is a huge deal. The judge issued the warrant and the police executed the search warrant without the REQUIRED probable cause. This same action happens far too often across this country. Barry is shedding light on this fact. Anyone who believes it is OK for judges and police to violate the constitution and jeopardize peoples lives and careers need to be arrested and charged with treason and dereliction of duty. The Texas police officers who were involved and the issuing judge abused their power and violated the constitution they swore to uphold. Mr or Ms Anonymous, maybe it is time you wake up!

Anonymous said...

i think you are right mr morley
there are a crap load of bad cops out there
i know trust me

i have seen bad cop who want to write more tickets for more income write tickets for the dumbest shit

like walking on a sidewalk while drinking water

and yes i have seen it happen