Feb 10, 2009

H.R. 45, if passed, will reduce the second amendment to ashes.

The next step on the administration’s agenda, if this bill passes, will be confiscation of your guns and or your arrest. If you register all of your guns as this bill dictates they will be confiscated. If you don’t register your guns, they will still be confiscated, but YOU will be arrested as a criminal...READ MORE

FREETARIAN: This bill must be stopped! Our freedoms are eroding at never before seen break-neck speeds. PLEASE remember the old saying - "just because you do not take an interest in politics, does not mean politics won't take an interest in you!" No matter what your daily life consist of, PLEASE HEAR ME OUT!!! Get involved in taking back this nation and restoring freedom and liberty for all. If you really care about the standard of living your children and grand children will have, you will take the time to study real freedom and liberty. USA is on the path to out right bankruptcy and total dictatorship. NOW is the time to get involved. Click the "READ MORE" above to read the story on bill H.R. 45. Then CLICK HERE to read the bill as it is written.(UPDATE) For some unknown reason, the old link stopped working. After clicking on "click here", you will be taken to the library of congress website search page. You must now enter HR 45 in the search field to find the bill. The following is just a snippet of what is in the bill:
(a) In General- If an individual to whom a license has been issued under this title subsequently becomes a person who is prohibited by subsection (g) or (n) of section 922 of title 18, United States Code, from receiving a firearm--
(1) the license is revoked; and
(2) the individual shall promptly return the license to the Attorney General.
(b) Administrative Action- Upon receipt by the Attorney General of notice that an individual to whom a license has been issued under this title has become a person described in subsection (a), the Attorney General shall ensure that the individual promptly returns the license to the Attorney General.

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dale vokurka said...

i hope this does not happen