Mar 3, 2009

Falls police say woman put up racist sign

NIAGARA FALLS—Two days after a man was sentenced to probation and community service for putting up a sign as a “joke” in a public works garage that said “whites only” on a drinking fountain, city police were called to a home in the 600 block of 25th Street on Sunday to investigate another racially charged sign. The 53-year-old woman told police she put up the sign after someone tried to break into her house and added, “I can do what I want. I live in America,”...READ MORE

FREETARIAN: I totally agree and support this 53 year old woman's right to do as she wants. She may be a racists bigot who offended many people, but as long as she is not violating anyone's right to life, liberty or property, she should be free to do as she pleases. Those who say I'm crazy to support her, let me clearly state, I do not support her racism but I will always support her freedoms even if she offends me. If we truly want to be free, we must except the fact that we have no right not to be offended.


Josh said...

Well stated, Sean.

To the busybody neighbors who didn't like her opinion, instead of using the power of the state to silence offensive speech, use your free speech rights to combat this woman's racism. All this does now is give law enforcement the precedent to silence any speech they don't like, including potentially that of the busybody neighbors.

Patrick said...

The sad part is that the welfare state contributed to this women's racism. I don't live that far from the "Falls" and the American side resembles a 3rd world country. Years of government intervention have destroyed the family unit and ultimately demolished what was once a melting pot of prosperity. Now people are divided along racial lines like in a prison despising each other.