Jun 2, 2009

THC Expo at The LA Convention Center!

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brian said...

Hey, all you cannabis fans!

It’s time for the world’s biggest trade show, dedicated to the celebration of the cannabis plant.

But now the THC Expo is the THC Expose. It’s still the same show—but bigger and better and greener!

On April 23rd, 24th, and 25th, the world of cannabis businesses will convene at the Los Angeles Convention Center, once again, to demonstrate to the world that marijuana’s time has come!

Learn all about the new, modern age of cannabis industry. See all the newest innovations in cultivation equipment. Meet the best medical marijuana dispensaries in California. Find out how to get your medical recommendation.
Learn how to grow.
Sample the newest, hottest hemp products.
Buy your dream pipe as the top paraphernalia outfitters nationwide set up for business.

But most important, be a part of the celebration. Help carry the banner. Let’s make marijuana—legal and free!

Remember, the THC Expose!
April 23rd, 24th and 25th.
$10 admission fee.
Must be 18 or older.

The THC Expose at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
We’ll see you there!