Sep 13, 2009

Former WWE SuperStar Jeff Hardy becomes a victim of failed drug war!

As most of you may have already heard, my friend and former WWE SuperStar Jeff Hardy has been arrested and charged with 5 felony counts related to drug possession. I will write in-depth about this issue shortly as the failed war on drugs is just one of several main issues The Freetarian Blog focuses on. Jeff Hardy has now become a victim of a tyrannical state yet I do remember Jeff being one of many who never concerned themselves with the state. Likely because he never believed the state would ever hurt him. The majority of Americans are of this same belief that the state only hurts real criminals who violate others rights to life, liberty and/or property. These same Americans think the state would never hurt them because they a good decent people. Jeff is a good and decent person who committed a man made victimless crime and now the state has and will continue to hurt him. You could be next! Much more on this issue soon!

Sean Morley
aka Val Venis


Tracy said...

broken hearted! :(

Ali said...

Sean, Jeff Hardy had over two hundred vicodin tablets in his home. You cannot seriously be arguing that A) it was legal for him to have so many in the first place and B) that it would be unlawful to take him (and possibly his prescribing physician.) into custody for having such a large amount of a controlled substance in his house.

I do not doubt that Jeff will get aquitted of the most serious of his offences (the accusation of trafficking is based soley on the quantity of drugs found), but I am just as sure that he'll be sent to rehab, which would be a good thing for him (it gives him time both to get clean, and rest his body), and for his legion of fans (who'll get to see him perform clean, possibly for the first time in years. depending on when he (re)started using them to keep entertaining us). Even if, as you say Jeff's nothing but a victim in all this, you cannot deny that time in a rehabilitation facility would be a good thing for him, regardless of the circumstances that brought him there.

Sean Morley said...

Ali, Sure I can agree with you that rehab would be good for Jeff. What I cannot agree with you on is the use of force to get him into rehab. Government has no right to use force on its citizens if we are truly free. Persuasion, of course. But force must not be used as it is incompatible with true freedom and liberty.

Ali said...

Sean, do you agree that criminals should be detained? If so, then the government has every right to force Jeff into Rehab. Especially since its extremely likely that Jeff gained (at least some of) the prescriptions for his vicodin illegitimately. these tablets could then not be used for other patients, therefore he is in possesion of propertry that rightfully belongs to someone else. that's the definition of theft, therfore he should be detained, either in a prison, or rehab.

Also, I appologise for not responding sooner, I've just moved to university, and I've only just been able to get access to the internet.