Nov 18, 2009

Maricopa deputy found guilty in contempt of court and Arpaio still stands behind criminal act!


David said...

I don't know a lot about the incident that Sheriff Arpaio was being questioned on, but I do know he's a no-nonsense type who refuses to molly coddle prisoners in his facility. He's been praised by some but mostly vilified for the way he runs things, and I count myself among his supporters. IMHO if more jails and prisons were run along these lines then there would likely be fewer repeat offenders who were looking for *3 hots and a cot*, and costs for operating these facilities would be less costly.

Anonymous said...


I can respect your opinion on Arpaio. However, this has nothing to do with how Arpaio runs his jails. The fact is that a MCSO officer blatantly broke the law, minor as it may seem, and doesn't think there should be consequences. Not only that but this isn't like a real sentence, for lack of a better term, where he would have to do jail time. All he had to do was apologize to the lawyer who's paper he took. Nevertheless, he took a stand saying his punishment was unjust despite this. This led to not only a rally of MCSO officers but the next day 20 officers "called in sick". For a man who, in my opinion, wants to come out as a martyr and the good guy.

That is why I am frustrated with this situation.