Nov 16, 2009

Police tase and arrest hero for stuttering

From A man was tased by police, arrested, and jailed after risking his life and suffering second degree burns on his arms, head, and torso to run back into his burning house to make sure that all six of his houseguests were warned of the fire and assisting them to escape from the house. The charge was "Misconduct at an Emergency and Resisting Arrest."

The cops' justification for tasing him? He haltingly asked them for help while still dazed and stuttering from the effort to rescue his six guests, and then walked away from them after their reply was "(expletive) what do you think we are going to (expletive) do?" Apparently, just turning one's back to a cop who has just told one to f*** off is now enough to invoke the "Contempt of Cop" Clause...

Actually the police conduct was more horrifying than the foregoing description indicates. Michael Barrett suffered second degree burns on both of his ears, burns on his face, his left arm and on his torso. Nevertheless, a cop shoved him to the ground after he asked for help and, then, he was tased while walking away; that is, they shot him in the back. Despite being severely burned, Barrett was arrested and held in jail over night without medical care.

Fair warning: the new militarized police are treating everyone as if he or she were a criminal and a de facto enemy. When you see a policeman, assume he is sociopath with a gun and without accountability. Never approach a cop...even for help. Avoid the police as you would avoid a mugger, a neighborhood thug or anyone else who wants to hurt you.


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