Feb 25, 2010

Web Posts show the thug life of prison guards!

“When you work in a prison a good day is getting to smash an inmates face into the ground. ... for me today was a VERY good day,” stated the Web posting on the Facebook social networking site page of Caleb Bartels. Two other men identified in state records as prison guards, Shawn Paulson and Derek Dickey, posted responses that appeared supportive, including this one from Dickey: “very satisfying isnt it!!!”...READ MORE


Justinfh said...

Psst. Prison guards who are abusing their power is no surprise. Now, I know that some people will say something like "well, if you're in prison, you get what you deserve". Unless, we're talking about someone who've brutally raped and murdered 20 children, not even prisoners deserve to be beaten up by the guards. Whoever this prison guard is deserves to be fired.

This is just another example of an authority figure abusing their power.

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Anonymous said...

I see absolutely nothing wrong with these people saying this stuff on their personal page. I absolutely guarantee you that inmate had it coming. People think inmates are all innocent and oppressed. As someone who worked in the largest Texas Ad Seg Prison for years I can attest, It is nonstop authority challengers all trying to be more gangster than the next guy. And when someone shows out, you lay some smack down on them.. They don't show out no more. But you're probably right, The baby rapers and murderers who didn't care about their victims shouldn't be treated like that.