Mar 9, 2007

Any suggestions Please!!!

The Freetarian would welcome any and all suggestions that would help make this blog better. Sean Morley wants to provide the very best in liberty robbing news and would love to hear from his readers. Please send your suggestions to


Anonymous said...

I would like to leave a suggestion. Why don't you pick up your phone when Stevie Richards calls you? Prick.

J said...
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J said...

--Reposted to correct some grammatical errors --

I like what you're doing here Sean. One minor critique has nothing to do with your content but more to do with the design, layout of your main page.

The frames on the front page don't properly highlight your content. If I have my browser set at less than the maximum width of my screen I have to scroll horizontally to read your content, which really should be the most accessible part of any good blog.

(I've been going directly to your blogger page, which works just fine, but your average surfer isn't going to do this.)

Other than that, good job with the blog so far.

While my own political beliefs oscillate between "conservative-moderated-by-libertarianism" and "libertarian-moderated-by-conservatism" and thus leave me occasionally to take a differing perspective on some issues, I love the chance to hear rational arguments from different points of view. So all-in-all kudos.

Oh, and I wouldn't answer Stevie Richards' calls either.

Josh G said...

You need explosions on your page, lots of them. that catches the eyes of people:).

Actually, I really have nothing to suggest other than I have a hard time navigating (but i played around with your site and figured it out).

I like your ideas, and hope that you keep giving them. They are very interesting, and you seem passionate about them. Thats a good thing.

Well, I guess I do have a suggestion after all. Don't give up on yourself. You may not see a lot of comments or things like that, but people are reading. Maybe you could talk Boortz into posting a link to your site to help you get your words spread.

PS: I dont answer when Steven Richards calls me either:)

Consequences said...

I suggest that you start a section where we can download past Freetarian Show audio files, for when we either miss it, or what to share it with someone who doesn't have Internet access.

Phantom Lord said...

Hey Sean

I think you have a pretty good site here. It's got a nice smooth design an all. Only thing I would suggest is maybe explain more about the freetarian name and concept.

I myself am a member of the Independence party of New York. Technically that makes me a reformer. I like the information you have here. I would suggest maybe tackling the issue of 9/11 Truth.

It's not just for crack pot's anymore. There's alot of evidence out there about the World Trade Center that needs to be brought forward and perhaps if you cover some of it on a future date it would at least maybe get a few more people to ask questions. The heart of a good democracy is a public that asks questions.

AnCap said...

How about an actual forum, maybe something along the lines of

This we can all exchange ideas and debate the evening away.