Mar 9, 2007


Citizen X brought the following to my attention: While CNN and Fox News were busy relating all the details of Anne Nicole Smith’s death and burial, they forgot about another story. The chief accountant of the United States federal government announced that America is basically broke. One of the reasons that I oppose government funded social services is that these services allow the self-serving politicians in Washington, DC to buy votes by promising these services to certain groups of people. Turns out, the politicians have finally written checks that we (the tax payer) will not be able to cover, at least not without drastically cutting benefits or massive tax increases...READ MORE

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Phantom Lord said...

Of course we're broke. As it is most of us regular folk are living pay check to pay check. But if you think things are bad now just wait till China decides it wants to pull the $1 Trillion dollars it has in the economy. Add to that the possibility of 1.5 Million homes being foreclosed this year and it's honestly amazing we have an economy.