Apr 19, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell finally getting it??? NOPE!!!

Rosie O'Donnell believes gun control is impossible. But its not what you think. She is afraid of the NRA. Not criminals. So in Rosies' mind, the NRA members are the evil ones who are scary. Funny she never mentions criminals with guns.

Rosie O'Donnell Now Feels Tougher Gun Control is "Impossible."
NEW YORK - The Columbine shootings drove Rosie O'Donnell to depression, but she says she's "almost numb" to the Virginia Tech attacks.

She's so discouraged, she said on "The View" that she believes tougher gun control is "impossible."

O'Donnell has fought for tougher gun control laws for years and once got into a fight with Tom Selleck about it on her old talk show. She now feels it was "a futile attempt" and "there will never be gun control in America."

O'Donnell says the NRA is "organized," "scary" "they have guns" and, she says, it's "impossible" to fight them.

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Michael said...

No No Rosie, the government is "organized, "scary", and "has guns", why does she never complain about the government? If its organized, scary, and "has guns" it should be a problem for her. It's kind of weird how she'll ask the government to help her when they "do the same" as the NRA.
The NRA is a private organization and nobody is forcing her to deal with them. However, the government is forced upon us and that is the difference.

Kasia said...

She is, or was, one of the most visible figures in the fight for rights for the gay community (not saying anything negative!!). I don't think that she realizes that problems exist in the government in areas that don't involve sexual orientation!