Apr 16, 2008

U.S. recommends 3-year sentence for Wesley Snipes

HELLOOOOOOO AMERICANSSSSSSS!!! My name is BIG DADDY GOVERNMENT. On this amazing tax month, I would like to remind my patriots, I will ALLOW you to work and make a living only if you work half the year first for ME!!! BIG DADDY GOVERNMENT! And be forewarned. If you try to make a living without working for ME first, you will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. And yes, slavery was banned in the constitution. But it says nothing of "part time" slavery! So shut the hell up and do as your told. But remember, you live in a FREE country. And with freedom comes CHOICE. YES, you can CHOOSE not to work. And if you make that CHOICE, no problem because I am here to keep you comfortable. Just close your eyes and fall back into my safety net courtesy of those losers who decide to work. Then you do not have to worry about "part time" slavery. Because just between the two of us, If you do decide to work, I will make you prove you are working half the year for ME as my "part time" slave by making you keep your receipts, track your spending and fill out the PROPER paper work. And if you try to keep a little more for yourself..........ho...hum...ah.....1 more hum.......... well, you get the idea. Just read what that criminal actor Wesley Snipes tried to do. Can you believe he tried not to be a "part time" slave? My god this guy has no idea what being an American means. If he did not want to be a slave, he could have chosen not to work. Did he forget he lives in a free country where he is lucky enough to be able to make choices? I would have taken care of him just like I take care of many. But nooooooooooooo! He made a CHOICE to work without being a "part time" slave. That is a huge no no my fellow Americans. So on this amazing tax month, please remember, my laws, codes and rules are for the good of ALL! That is what being American is all about. Snipes is not a real (read-good and obedient) American.

By The Freetarian Sean Morley. Ok, now that I have vented some steam, you can CHOOSE to read the story below about Actor Wesley Snipes.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Actor Wesley Snipes should serve a maximum three-year prison term and pay a $5 million fine for failing to file his income taxes, U.S. prosecutors recommended in a tax-season court filing...READ MORE

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