Sep 7, 2008

Great video of unjust police getting a taste of justice!

From A soccer fan runs onto the field holding a sign. Gets tackled by 4 police. Fine right? I understand they need to do their job and be safe. I get it. But then as the 4 police are trying to arrest the subject, they decide several hard shots with the butt end of a billy-club is in order. They soon found out society does not take kindly to adrenaline seeking thug cops. Near the end of the video, the one cop who was using the billy-club was running away with his tail between his legs. Not so tough when the tables are turned. I also do not believe that was the type of adrenaline rush he was looking for. Unfortunately this type of thing happens far to often. The good cops, the ones who respect civil liberties and human rights, are few and far between.


KBKris said...

Mr. Morley,

I think the last statement on this post was far reaching to say the least in stating that cops who respect civil liberties are few and far between. I know a lot of law enforcement officers and many of them know the fine line they have to walk everyday to ensure the rights of the individual are protected, even if that individual is wasting perfectly good oxygen with his existence.

Now, as for others in the Executive, Legistlative, or Judicial Branch, that is entirely a different story.

Sean Morley said...

Hi KbKris

Thanks for your comment and I hope you will continue to read my blog even with different opinions. Debate is what will make the freetarian blog a fun place for all.

My Opinion: The Policing industry by nature attracts those who are seeking adrenalin rushes. This is not always a bad trait. The problem is not nessesarly those adrenalin seeking police officers, but rather the adrenalin seeking THUG police officers. I was once an adrenalin seeking young man and I clearly remember looking at the policing industry as an option for a career. The reason I once considered becoming a police officer was because of the perceived daily adrenalin spikes thanks to a little TV show called "Cops". However, back then I was also of the mind set, I could kick everyone's ass and would never get hurt. Yes, I was the 17 and 18 year old thug who thought I was a real bad ass. That was reinforced by the fact I had a few friends who thought the same thing and together we were all going to become police officers. And I know for a fact that my friends and I were not the only ones who were adrenalin seeking thugs. There were many just in my high school let alone my town. Some of those who I have stayed in touch with did in fact become Cops and they are always telling stories of how the took some guy down or tasered a guy then kick him like a football. I humor those past friends just to keep the peace, but the fact remains they are adrenalin seeking thug cops with a gang like mentality. It's just the nature of the policing industry to attract adrenalin seeking thug cops. That said, I am not saying all cops are bad. Some really do want to protect innocent citizens right to life, liberty and property. And when any of those right are violated. those police want to get justice. However, the fact remains, there are many adrenalin seeking thug cops who will be the ones violating others right to life, liberty and property. My belief is the bad cops far number the good police officers. This is just my belief based on what I see and what I hear. It might be a great idea to one day do a study on what attracted some people to become police officers. Maybe I would be proven wrong. I doubt it, but I have been wrong before.

Sean Morley