May 8, 2013

Syria's Central Bank In The Crosshairs Of Rothschild!

Syria's state owned central bank is now the next target for the Global Banking Cartel to conquer. The goal is to overthrow a state government which has refused to allow the Global Banking Cartel to issue Syrian fiat currency. Iran also finds themselves in a sticky position which the Global Banking Cartel will use their media outlets to demonize Syria and Iran, then attack both Syria and Iran, overthrow their governments and finally takeover the Syrian and Iranian central banks. These wars will be backed by the false idea of national security and anti-terrorism. The Rothchild Cartel will then finally own all of the Middle East Central Banks as Iraq and Libya have already recently fallen to the Rothchild Cartel. Many lives have already been wasted in Syria and many American lives may be wasted soon. These lives are gone solely because of the Banking Cartels goal of controlling the entire planets currency. Not for nation security. Sean Morley

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