Sep 20, 2013


- WARNING TO ALL AMERICANS! As a Canadian who now lives in the USA, I grew up thinking the Canadian healthcare system was the greatest in the world. I was told this over and over again by the Canadian public education system(indoctrination camp), mainstream media & my already indoctrinated parents. I heard & had horror stories about the American healthcare system rammed down my throat and I got to say, the stories scared me. The indoctrination was so intense that even my first few years here in America experiencing the superiority, speed and efficiency of private healthcare, it still took a long time before I had to admit to myself that the Canadian system I grew up with and was so fond of all my life, sucked horribly compared to the American healthcare system. My warning is this: Once America gets a universal healthcare system, the quality, speed, innovation and efficiency of healthcare in America will decline drastically. Americans WILL BE indoctrinated to believe their socialist healthcare is the very best in the world. Americans will live all their lives believing the lie and those in power will be the only ones benefiting from this scam. Indoctrination is a horrible thing to live with when its all based on lies. DO NOT LET GOVERNMENT TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTHCARE! I AM BEGGING AMERICANS!

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