Nov 1, 2013


Greed is not a good thing. Greed is a great thing! In fact greedy people are a countries most valuable asset; so long as the greedy respect the rights of others to Life, Liberty and Property. I will come back to the topic of rights in a moment. Greed is what motivates risk takers to start businesses in pursuit of their greedy dreams. The side-effect to these greedy actions is employment created within their communities, healthcare coverage and pensions for retirement etc. These greedy people can only achieve their dreams by providing a product(s) or service that people want, need and/or desire. Yes it’s true that these greedy business people do not start businesses because they want to employ people. Managing employees while attending to all the other daily operations of a business is a daunting task repeated every single day of a business owner’s life. But the reality is the business owner needs to hire people (thus creating jobs) in order to provide product(s) or services to their very valuable customers. Greed is what gave us McDonalds, Ford, Apple, Microsoft, Toby Keith’s Bar and Grill, Madonna, Eminem, WWE, UFC etc. These entities all started because the founders had “greedy” dreams and their companies now employ millions and millions all over the world. These companies have not only created employment around the world but they have created products and services that we all utilize everyday which has made our lives better. Wi-Fi, Cell phones, computers, cars, boats, motorcycles, music, food etc have all drastically increased our standard of living and created jobs for millions of families around the world all because someone had “greedy” Dreams.   While greedy dreams motivate risk takers to excel thus causing all those nasty side-effects we have already covered such as job creation and a better standard of living for all, greed can take a very criminal turn which is what is happening in the USA right now(as well as the rest of the world.) When a greedy business owner navigates and steers his/her company to greater profits, the greedy then lobby government to do great things like draw up new laws which will heavily regulate the lobbyists industry with “consumer protection” laws all to keep the consumer safe. This action effectively eliminates most small and medium sized businesses in the industry because they are not big enough to handle the costs associated with compliance. The big business owner can afford to comply with the new laws which the business owner lobbied government to create(because of course he cares about protecting the consumer) and his competition is shit out of luck. The big business owner was so greedy, he effectively used government to violate other business owners rights to Life, Liberty or Property and crush anything even coming close to resembling competition(all in the name of consumer protection.) When big business owners climb into bed with government, this is where greed becomes a bad thing. Actually, this is where greed becomes a CRIMINAL thing. Big business and big government in bed together can be referred to as a Government Protected Monopoly or CRONY-CAPITALISM. Crony-capitalism is criminal in nature as it violates the rights of other non-connected business owners and shuts them out of their industry or makes it impossible for the business owner to grow and become a competitive threat. Crony-Capitalist Greed is horrible and this is what is happening now in the US and around the world. Greed in a Free Market Capitalist country with full respect for others rights to Life, Liberty and Property can be a countries most valuable asset. Crony-Capitalism will absolutely destroy a nation from the inside out. Greed is great. CRONY-GREED is criminal.   Sean Morley(aka Val Venis) Twitter: @ValVenisEnt

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